New ICE Info Reveals the Disaster the Immigration System Has Become Under Joe Biden

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In this election year, poll after poll is showing that Americans believe immigration to be the number one issue facing the country. Some estimates claim that Joe Biden and the Democrats have allowed around 7.6 million illegal immigrant encounters at the southern border alone, that's not counting other areas of entry around the country. Since Joe Biden took office, Customs and Border Patrol agents (CBP) have been stretched to the limits, simply not having the manpower to manage the influx of illegal immigrants into the country. Now, new information is bringing to light just how outrageous things have become at the border.


The non-detained docket of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) currently numbers around 7.4 million cases and is on par to reach eight million by the end of this year. For a bit of perspective, that is double what it was during Donald Trump's presidency. When you break that down in terms of workload for each ICE agent, that comes out to about 7,000 cases apiece. There are only around 6,000 deportation officers nationwide, and they are not all assigned to the non-detained docket. But even if they were, do some math, and that comes out to just 42,000 cases being handled at any given time, a completely impossible workload.

Immigrants who are non-detained means they are not currently in ICE custody. These are immigrants who have entered the country illegally and have been released into the country with one of those infamous years-from-now court dates. It also includes those who have been ordered to be deported by an immigration judge but remain in the country. Just since the beginning of fiscal year 2024, which began on October 1, 2023, one million cases have been added to that impossible workload, largely a result of the Biden administration's catch-and-release policy. But this nightmare scenario gets better. Because they have had no interaction with federal agents, these numbers do not include the almost 1.9 million gotaways that have slipped into the country under Joe Biden's watch. ICE agents are also charged with finding and removing these people as well. 


Donald Trump has stated that if he is reelected, he would institute mass deportations. Many Americans are on board with such a move. A recent CBS/YouGov showed that 62 percent of registered voters support mass deportation of illegal immigrants, including 53 percent of Hispanics. But even if that happens, and the 7.6 million number is correct or even higher, Joe Biden and his administration have created a catastrophe that very well could take Trump an entire second term to clean up. Trump would also resolve the ICE personnel issue, but any Trump border cleanup will be met with severe pushback from Democrats. 

Democrats know they are in trouble in 2024. Black and Hispanic voters are leaving them in droves. Joe Biden and the Democrats have created chaos at the border in hopes that they will import a new crop of Democrat voters. The fact that the majority of those people have no intention of assimilating and becoming Americans is irrelevant. The very real threat of a terrorist attack on American soil also appears to be irrelevant as recently, eight men from Tajikistan with suspected ties to ISIS were caught in several cities, including New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. 

ICE stated the obvious to Fox News, saying that the current situation is simply not sustainable with the number of personnel versus the never-ending stream of illegal immigrants coming across the border. Given the rest of Joe Biden's history of "managing" the border, you have to think that the lack of manpower is all part of the plan.




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